Saturday, April 3, 2010

iOrder communication

Group 4 has made some progress in our application. We were able to add the server client code to the application. I created a small wrapper for the c sockets that allows creating and using sockets without having to know much about them. Creating a server is as easy as saying createServer( port ) and for the client createClient ( ip, port ). Communication is done via the methods send ( string ) and recieve ( string ).

I did run into some trouble making the server application multi-threaded. Parameters can't be passed directly to the methods in C. I had to use a struct to pass the parameters around... if we run into problems later, i think switching the server over to java would be the best choice.

I have been uploading my source changes into mercurial. I don't like the interface very much (command line). It would have been nice to have the built in support that xcode has for subversion.

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